Every library has friends...but not every library has "Friends" (yet)

Friends groups can take many forms; some focus on a few key activities, like holding book sales, or maintaining landscaping. Other groups may do special fundraising for their particular branch, or a variety of activities throughout the year. Some may meet monthly; others annually. Whatever their form and focus, there are active Friends groups at the following libraries (web links or email addresses provided where available):

Does your local branch library not have a Friends group yet, or has it lapsed? Here are the steps we suggest you take, if you are interested.

1) Join Friends of the Library and begin making a positive difference in your community! Whether you have an active branch Friends group, or not, there are many opportunities to help with Friends events at large each year.

2) Reach out to your library's Branch Manager, or email us. Getting buy in from your Branch Manager to have a Friends group is instrumental, and it's key that your group is organized to align with the goals of the library. Remember that Friends always support the library's programs and agendas...not vice versa.

3) Read all about it. If your branch library is interested, Friends of Tennessee Libraries has an excellent free guide regarding starting a Friends group; we also have a small library of books related to Friends topics that we can lend fledgling groups; email us for more information.

4) Once you have recruited 8-10 interested Friends for your branch library, hold your first meeting to organize - don't forget to invite your local branch manager and staff, who will be key to everything you do!

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